Christina Ullman

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Analyze first. Then create. Tina’s process originated at an early age as she explored everything from art and writing to photography and video editing. This exploration taught her the value of a 360-degree approach to effective visual storytelling. Since 1990, Tina has worked as a designer and illustrator for national and international clients, developing an award-winning national reputation for branding, editorial design, and conceptual and scientific illustration.

Tina’s design philosophy and aesthetic approach seeks to express the immediate needs of clients through creative collaboration. Innovation, research and experimentation are keys to this method, which is not only aesthetically pleasing and practical, but functional and informative.

Tina graduated summa cum laude from Marietta College with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and a minor in art, combined with focuses in journalism and marketing. After working as an in-house communications and development designer, she completed graduate work at Ohio University, earning a master of science in journalism with a focus in visual communication. It was there that Tina developed a real passion for visual storytelling while collaborating with top photographers on social reform topics.

Tina remained at OU, teaching publication design and informational illustration in the School of Visual Communication for six years. In 2001, she went back to Marietta College, where she taught graphic design and digital illustration for seven years, in addition to serving as department chair. In 2007, she left academia to return to the industry and relocated her design and illustration studio to Marietta, Ohio.

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Alix Northrup

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Growing up with a father as a professional photographer gave Alix the opportunity to experience art and design at a young age. She was exposed to the relationship that exists between designers, photographers, illustrators and writers and through this exposure, developed an understanding and appreciation for collaboration.

Alix received a B.A., with honors, in both Graphic Design and studio art from Marietta College. During her tenure, she won numerous awards for her work in graphic design and art. Her design experience has included working with nonprofit and institutional clients as well as within the commercial and tourism industries.

In 2007, she joined Ullman Design as associate creative director. With the ability to design for both print and interactive, Alix has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects across a wide range of media. Her dual degrees allow her to offer a fresh and innovative perspective with both her design and illustrative work by integrating concept and aesthetic. The result is a unique and relevant approach that visually communicates and resonates.

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Christopher Tyree

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An award-winning photographer, filmmaker and writer, Chris has covered issues on nearly every continent for a variety of publications and agencies. Integrity, perseverance, wit and curiosity have been the building blocks of his success.

Think, feel, react. All essential steps for creating intimate images that capture the emotion of a situation. For Christopher, these insights are his daily guiding approach to visual storytelling. The result: moving projects that have promoted political and social change for the mentally ill, transformed blighted neighborhoods and refocused national attention on poverty issues in America.

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Susan White

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Susan knew she’d grow up to be writer from the moment her 8th-grade English teacher asked her to stand in front of the class and read a story that she’d written.

For more than 18 years, Susan has used her love of words and her personal experiences to deeply connect to the at-risk communities she feels so passionately about.

Susan has received numerous awards, including from the North Carolina and Virginia Press Associations, for her emotional and thought-provoking storytelling. In 2005, she received the national Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism for her reporting on children and families.

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